BIT Scholarship Proposal for International Students From UNIVERSITY OF SHKODRA “LUIGJ GURAKUQI” 2018-2019

Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) is offering two kinds of scholarship to UNIVERSITY OF SHKODRA “LUIGJ GURAKUQI” .

1. 5 CSC (China Scholarship Council) Scholarship for students from your prestigious university to pursue Master or PhD degree program at BIT.
2. 5-10 BIT Exchange Scholarship for exchange students from your prestigious university to study in BIT for one or two semesters for the academic year 2018-2019.

Overview of the CSC scholarship

The application for the CSC scholarship opens from January 1st, 2018 to April 15th, 2018.
This scholarship covers the tuition fee, the accommodation, the comprehensive medical insurance and the monthly living allowance (CNY 3,000 for masters and CNY 3,500 for PhDs). The international air fare is not covered.
The scholarship will be offered to the students during their stay at Beijing Institute of Technology for the period of the Master programs (2 years) and PhD programs (4 years).
For further information of the mater and PhD programs, please check the BIT Admission Book 2018 in Attachment II.
With regards to the English-taught programs at BIT, if English is not the native language and the students are attending a school where English is not the language of instruction, the students must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System Academic (IELTS Academic) .
If such certificate is not available, the applicants need to take an online language test arranged by BIT to make sure he or she has the ability to finish the major studies conducted in English.
In terms of the Chinese-taught programs, applicants must have passed the HSK 4 exam, which is one of the essential parts of getting admitted. When the candidates are admitted by BIT, he or she has two options:
1. Go to the major school directly after the registration at BIT in September 2018;
2. Be a full-time Chinese language student for one year before entering the major school in
September 2019. This extra one year study is also covered by the CSC scholarship.

Overview of the BIT Exchange Scholarship
The BIT Exchange Scholarship covers the tuition fee and accommodation on campus. The scholarship will be offered to the students during their stay in Beijing Institute of Technology for the period of the exchange program.
Exchange students to BIT can study in the regular degree programs conducted in English or Chinese, they are also welcomed to study in our Chinese language study programs.
We receive students from undergraduate, master and PhD level from the home university, except the first and second year undergraduate students. The exchange program extends from one semester to two semesters in the academic program or Chinese language program.
Ms. ZONG Xin Tel: 86-10-68918541

Individual application from your students will not be accepted, so please fill in the nomination letter in Attachment III of the recommended students for the CSC scholarship and email it to us before March 15th, 2018. For the recommendation of the exchange and short-term program (2018 summer) students, the deadline for sending the nomination letter is June 15th, 2018.
After we receive the nomination letter, we will contact the applicants in person and inform them of the detailed application procedures.
If you have any questions about the scholarship programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Me gradë Dr. dhe/ose me titull docent 39%
Me gradë Asistent lektor 29%


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