European Summer University at Varna University of Management

European Summer University at VUM is surely your best option! Here we have picked out the top five reasons why ESU at VUM should be your top choice!

1. Varna University of Management ranks 1st according to the Students Mobility Criterion worldwide by U-Multirank. (You can find more information about national and international ranking of VUM here.)

2. VUM campuses have great locations – our campus is located in the heart of Eastern Bulgaria, only 30km from the Black Sea coast, and very close to numerous tourist attractions, such as ancient historical monuments, old royal residences, botanical and zoological parks, and beach resorts. Moreover considering the size of Bulgaria, students will have easy access to the major Bulgarian landmarks.

3. The lecturers at ESU at VUM have been carefully chosen. They all have rich academic and non-academic business experience. Our students meet professors from three continents who enrich their professional and cultural development. Our lecturers have been recognized in Bulgaria and abroad for their achievements. Some of the books they have co-authored are studied even in Harvard University. The numerous publications they have in written and web formats guarantee the level of their academic backgrounds.

4. Students at VUM from over 40 different countries. Our international student body will further enrich your cultural experience. During the Summer University you will meet people from Italy, China, India, Vietnam, Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia. And this is just to mention a few! After ESU at VUM you will be easily calling yourself a Citizen of the world!

5. Compared to other European countries, Bulgaria has probably the most reasonable living costs. Our accommodation cost per night is €7-€9 per bed and the cost of an average meal is around €3. Additionally leisure expenditures, such as traveling and entertainment are considered to be quite affordable and most of our students take advantage of that.



DURATION: From 19 June to 27 August. The modules are split into 4 periods – each of them offering 2 business modules. The student can choose the period of training. The minimum period of education is 4 weeks or two modules.

19 June – 16 July – Strategic Management & Operations Management – ECTS 8 – €690
03 July – 30 July – Operations Management & Marketing Management and Marketing Communications – ECTS 8 – €690
17 July – 13 August – Marketing Management and Marketing Communications & Managing People and Organisations across Cultures – ECTS 8 – €690
31 July – 27 August – Managing People and Organisations across Cultures & Project Management – ECTS 8 – €690

Classes in Russian language are available upon request



In order to apply for European Summer University at VUM you have to follow these steps:
1. Fill in the Application form
2. Scan your International passport (ID if you are a European Union citizen)
3. Provide evidence of student status (Minimum one of: Academic Transcript/Recommendation letter from faculty staff member/Print Screen from internal university system)
4. Send all above mentioned documents to

You could also apply using this link

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Minimum 45 days prior to the prefered starting date


Kualifikimi i stafit akademik të USH

Profesorë 10%
Profesorë i asociuar 22%
Me gradë Dr. dhe/ose me titull docent 39%
Me gradë Asistent lektor 29%


11988 studentët me kohë të plotë.
2153 studentët me kohë të pjesshme
1885 studentët në cikël të dytë
12 Sudentë në Ciklin e III (Doktoratura).